Monthly Archives: December 2010

Cancer Fundraising

North Country Dental and myself have been very involved in the fight against cancer. NCD donated time, money and spread the awareness of cancer, cancer prevention and community involvement. Through our work we create and strengthen friendships, help others understand about the American Cancer Society, and bring hope to all that cures for cancer exist and more is being done everyday. Here are photos from our fundraisers for the Relay for Life and a local lymphoma walk.


supporting the arts in Conway NH

North Country Dental is a proud sponsor of the 2010 Black Mountain Arts and Music Festival. We helped bring musicians and artists from the New England area to come for a day and share with the community. There were several bands that played all day on two stages at the base of Black mountain. There were booths of local crafters and artists displaying and selling their creations. “North Country Dental is a proud participant of events like these. It is important to be an active and supportive member of the community.” says Dr. Schoenbeck. North Country Dental is an office that cares about their patients oral health and the health of the community.

The Festival had music groups from Connecticut to Maine. The level of talent was amazing. I am sure that some of these groups will be playing bigger venues soon. My favorite band that day was a group called “barefoot truth”. I bought their CD and love it.

We had a booth at the festival. We sold hand knit items that Allison and her mom Karen had made. We also sold handmade jewelry and quilting items that my wife and daughters made. I am a photographer and tried to sell some of my photos. People were more interested in our office and what we can do dentally. That was great! We made new friends and several people are now patients. We talked about all the dental services we provide and ways to finance them. We gave out literature on headache treatments, gum disease prevention, fluoride use, and much more. We look forward to next years event.