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Dr.Schoenbeck teaches Tufts Dental Esthetic program

On Friday February 12, 2010 Dr. Schoenbeck presented a day long course on the CEREC technology to the Tufts Dental Postgraduate Esthetic students. These students are dentists who are furthering their training in the field of Esthetic dentistry. Dr. Schoenbeck was invited to present his knowledge, expertise and experiences with the CEREC technology to the Tufts class. He was invited by the director of the esthetic program, Dr. Sam Khayat.  

Dr. Schoenbeck provides guidance to the students as they design restorations on the CEREC units. The course was given in the new expansion of the Dental School on the 12th floor.

The morning session was a lecture on the history and development of the Cerec system. Then an instructional portion on the specific steps in making dental restorations with the system was given.  After the lecture, the students were given the Cerec system and designed a crown restoration themselves.

After a lunch break, a dental patient was brought to the demonstration operatory and Dr. Schoenbeck performed an entire crown procedure with the students looking on.  The patient was the mother of a graduating dental student. Her name is Mary and she came from Wisconsin to see her son graduate from Tufts Dental. She also liked getting the Cerec crown. She enjoyed being a part of this great day of learning.    

Dr. Schoenbeck gave this proud mom something to smile about in addition to her son graduating from Tufts. She got a new Cerec crown.


Yankee Dental Meeting, Boston

This years Yankee Dental meeting in Boston was a great experience for the staff and Dr. Schoenbeck. The Yankee Dental meeting is the annual northeast meeting of the dental industry and takes place at the end of January. It is typically the fifth largest meeting in the country. Dentists attend the meeting to see what’s new in the industry and take courses for their state licensing requirements. There are thousands of dentists that attend mostly from the northeast area. Here’s Dr.Schoenbeck’s summary:

I was a volunteer to the event and helped with the classes given in the live demonstration arena. This was the first year that live patient demonstrations were given at the event. That means we had real patients receiving dental procedures with video showing on large screens.I helped with two courses, an implant course and a CEREC course.

Michael Dunn,director of marketing and Dr. Schoenbeck

I also was asked by the Sirona company to be the dentist in their exhibition area. I was there to demonstrate the CEREC technology to other dentists and investors. I have been a CEREC user and instructor for many years. The Sirona company manufactures the CEREC and other hi-tech medical and dental technologies. Find out more on their website:  I was very honored to be their dentist at the meeting. Mr. Michael Dunn, the director of marketing for Sirona asked for me to come to the Yankee and be the expert CEREC dentist at the exhibit class.  I showed the system to investors, dentists and other people in the dental industry. I also answered questions and gave advice to dentists who are already CEREC users.

The last day of the course, we took the advanced INVISALIGN course. Drs. Cherian, Sreemali and myself attended a day long course on the new techniques in the use of our clear braces system, Invisalign. We will be able to move teeth better and more predictably now than before. The hygienists, assistants and Cindy (our financial coordinator) took classes as well. They really enjoyed the courses they took. They had one course in particular that was about keeping good chart notes. They said the speaker was excellent.

The yankee meeting is held at the Boston Convention Center over the bay. The exhibit hall is big enough to hold three football fields. Here is a photo of hygienist Anne Lake, and dental assistants Shelli Deblois and Charnee Buckley overlooking the exhibit hall. The Sirona area is seen in the background.

NCD staff above the exhibit hall at the Yankee dental meeting in Boston