Dr. Paul and NCD sponsor St.Kierans Center for the Arts

Supporting the Arts in the North Country of New Hampshire

One of the most important aspects of society and culture is the development and progress of the arts. In large cities and metropolitan areas, there is a sufficient population pool to support the arts and music with generous funding and attendance. However, in rural areas the population comparatively smaller but interest and appreciation for the arts still exists. In the north country of New Hampshire there is an abundance of very educated and talented artists and performers. Some of these have achieved critical acclaim and recognition in their respective circles as well as regionally and nationally. It is necessary and important to support the arts and music as a community. Generally speaking, rural areas lack generous funding and support from the large corporations networks that are prevelant in big cities. This proves a difficult task in developing and maintaining arts centers to foster and promote appreciation for the arts. It remains to local business’ and organizations to help provide programs to the public in support of the arts.

The city of Berlin, NH has been able to develop and maintain a great arts and music center. It is housed in a former church. It has retained the name of the church, St. Kieran’s and has provided many great events and programs over the years. Its website is : www.stkieranarts.org  and has a well thought out program which is under the constant attention of its director, Joan Chamberlain. This month and through December, North Country Dental is sponsoring the program, “Celebrating the Seasons”. This is a collection of artists showing the appreciation of the New England area and its wonderfully changing seasons. Art is presented in various media formats from photography to painting to a special papermaking process. Please take the time to visit the exhibit and find some wonderful artistic interpretations of the north country. the following link is to the page for the event itself.  http://www.stkieranarts.org/art.html

I was asked to participate in the show with a small sample of my photographs. Photography has always been a pastime of mine. I enjoy the challenge of macrophotography in nature, the capture of human spirit in candid people photos, and the grandeur of landscapes. As the photo editor of my college newspaper for three years I relished in the benefit of having my own dark room and endless supply of black and white film. Now, I work with digital cameras and process my photos with the software program Photoshop. It has been an exciting evolution of photography.

 The photos I have on display at St. Kieran’s are those of “Triumphant Tree” a strong snow covered tree growing from a rock atop Wildcat mountain; “Dream House” a caretaker’s house at the end of a grass path on Maine’s nature preserve at Richmond Island (near Portland). and the “Rainbow Monarch” a colorfully enhanced butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. And lastly, “Birdhouse Lilly’s” a birhouse perched among colorful large Lilly’s showing the excitement of spring and new life.



pictured here is myself with my photos at the opening of the “Celebrating the Seasons” on October 8th.

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