Dominican Republic April 29, 2009

Hello Everyone,

Going from 5 am till 10 pm every day.

These photos are of the attendees to my courses. I gave a two day seminar on CEREC to two groups. One was to some of the students and the dean of the best dental school in Dominican Republic. She is in the center second row, Dr. Johanna Nicholas de Diaz. The other was to the Director General of Medicine and Dentistry of the Dominican Republic’s military, Dr. Erick Nunez (seated next to me on my left) and his associates. He is a very well known dentist in the Dominican and is a real VIP. He and i got along well. He is very smart and learned the system quickly. 



As part of the educational program, I did two live patient demonstratiions of the CEREC system. One was an upper front tooth and the other was a lower molar. It all went very well. Dr Silverstein is an accomplished periodontist and presented on the subject of perio plastic surgery. I did learn that the navy way is to change on the fly. Mostly because there are so many channels to getting people on the ship, it takes time. 



As of yesterday, the dental team has had 733 dental care contacts since starting on Wednesday. That is all procedures that were provided- ext’s, scaling, restorative, OHI., etc. It is not the number of people as some people had two fillings and some had multiple extractions. The veterinarians beat us out with 788 contacts. I didn’t get the number of medical contacts. I will tell you though that the operating rooms on the ship start procedures at 6am and go through 5pm or so. They have a huge staff and have done a lot of surgeries.



All the Best,
Dr. Paul Schoenbeck

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